Don’t Be Halfway IN or Halfway OUT of Your Business – SOP for Managed Services
Some honest, hard truths about getting into and out of your managed service business (or any business), with a few hard truths about the effects of mergers and acquisitions on the exit process.

Timeline –
00:00 Don’t jump in halfway and don’t jump out halfway
02:02 Most organizations will not let you work on the side
03:06 Once you start stepping out, you begin to lose focus
04:04 Pushing your family aside is a bad habit to get into
05:13 You don’t have to do it that way
06:14 Taking “any money” leads to the wrong clients
07:23 So how DO you get started?
07:53 Save money to launch your business
08:17 Or you need financing
10:09 Some people say never go into debt
10:30 But you can’t go in halfway
10:51 The wrong clients will lead to the wrong habits
12:14 You need to be super, super frugal
13:41 If you step halfway out, you develop sloppy habits
14:36 “M & A” always results in lost focus
16:02 Do not tie your exit strategy to the sale
17:34 And what happens if you get sick?
18:40 So: you can’t be halfway in or out!
19:34 Call to Action

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