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Franchisors, whether you admit it or not, we know you have a favourite franchisee. We’ve all had the thought “if only there were 50 more of (insert name)”.
At BDC Partners, we have the tools and experience to deliver exactly that high quality franchise recruitment.

Firstly, we find out who we’re looking for. We use in-depth network profiling to benchmark the characteristics of your top performers. We look at everything from culture, values, work style, stage of growth, and performance.

Secondly, we access and nurture leads with targeted marketing campaigns, directing them to an optimised landing page & capturing their info in our lead-scoring CRM platform.

Thirdly, we take them through the pipeline; reviewing applications, vetting, profiling, finance, business planning, and more. With access to our systems and full transparency throughout, you can confidently plan your next franchise opening.

While you get on with your day-to-day, we’ll handle the entire franchise recruitment process with data-driven certainty.

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