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0:00 How much control does a franchise owner have?
First, I’d ask, what do you want control over? Marketing? Branding ideas? Success? Growth? Some people want a lot of control over everything. Other people want to be controlled to feel safe. So, what do you want to control, and how much control feels good for you? Here’s the good news: I think I can make all of you happy with my answer.

00:55 Why a franchisor needs control
The franchisor ultimately needs control because it’s their brand. And what is a brand? A brand is a consistent consumer experience. If the franchisor left it up to you and your neighbor and their neighbor to decide how they were going to lay out their store, where they were going to buy their commercial vehicles from, where they were going to buy their paper products from, everybody would do it a little bit different. How does the franchisor control the consumer experience when every franchisee is doing it their way? There would be no consistent consumer experience.

The franchisors with all that control are the franchises that become the next big American brands. Ultimately, the reason an FDD is one-sided and feels very controlling is not to limit your potential. It’s to enhance your it. A tight FDD and a franchisor’s control over the brand are meant to protect the brand. An FDD is not intended to be fair because, ultimately, the franchisor has to be in control because it’s their vision and brand. They’re using your money, time, talent, and dreams to bring it to life. That doesn’t mean that you have no control. It just means that the control over the brand’s growth is driven by the parent organization, by the franchisor.

4:19 In a franchise, CONTROL means OWNERSHIP
Ultimately, his is your business to make or break. Every franchisee wants to own this business when it’s massively successful, they’re rookie of the year, they want to win awards, but no franchisee wants to own it when it’s not going right. They want to blame the marketing or their territory or the economy. Anything that puts the blame out there because they don’t want ownership in the failure.

But here’s the thing: If you want control, control means ownership—owning it when it is and isn’t good. A franchise is not foolproof because it requires you, the organization’s leader, to show up and execute the proven playbook. The franchisor can provide the very best tools, can have the very best opportunity. It’s what you, the franchisee, do with those tools that determine your business’s success or failure.

5:56 Franchisees doo have control!
Franchisors want you to be successful. They will be there to train and support you and pick you up when you fall down. But what I’m saying is there’s equal control in this partnership. They have control over the brand and how your store will look and how big your territory is going to be, and yes, where you might have to buy your paper products from or where you’re going to buy your commercial vehicles because they’re building standards. But you have control over what you wake up and do with that toolbox every day, over how big you can dream and how big of a business you can build.

Franchisors are not working in a vacuum. Most have franchisee committees, where they get feedback from their top-performing franchise owners so that there’s open communication between franchisees and franchisors. They’re using your feedback, everyday data, and experiences out in the marketplace to help grow the opportunity. It’s a mutual evaluation process, and it’s a mutually beneficial relationship, where you make money and they make money. But it’s both of you working together. They have control over some things, and you have control over some things.

There’s a perception that franchisors are evil control freaks, and they’re not your true partner. But I’m telling you, these franchise owners are not controlling your opportunity or limiting your future. They are here for your success. They want you to take what they’ve created and build the life of your dreams because that’s how their dream comes to life. That’s how their brand becomes the next big American brand.

If you are ready to find the perfect franchise or that offers you enough control but not too much control so that you can thrive in this franchise opportunity, I want to be your Daly Coach.

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