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Learn how to start a profitable handyman business.

The handyman business can be surprisingly profitable, even if you are offering basic services like fence repairs, door repairs, and even picture hanging. But, that’s only if you setup your business properly.

In this video I’ll walk you through the first steps to building a home repair business from scratch the right way.

You don’t need a handyman business plan. That is a waste of time. But, you will want to have a few things dialed in before getting started.

In this video you’ll learn how to choose the services you are going to offer as a pro handyman. Not everybody offers the same services nor do you have to offer every service.

The next step is to learn the local laws that limit what you can and cannot do as a professional handyman business. Usually, there is a limit on how big of jobs you can do and the type of work you can do without getting a contractor’s license. Visit for more details on this.

The next step is to choose your customers because this is important: NOT EVERYBODY IS YOUR CUSTOMER. Some people aren’t going to be able to pay the rates you need in order to make a solid profit. In the video I’ll discuss why targeting specific customers is important and how it will make your business easier and more profitable.

The next step is to set your pricing as a handyman business. This is one of the more challenging aspects of the business, and it’s one of the most common areas where people go wrong. Most handymen undercharge and leave a lot of money on the table as a result. To learn more about how to price your services for profit, visit

The next step is to develop a marketing strategy. How are you going to attract customers to your handyman business? In the video you’ll learn why marketing is important and how to approach the subject so you can have a more profitable handyman business. I’ll even share the best way to market a handyman business.

Once you complete these five steps you’ll have a solid business plan for your handyman business – you’ll be setup to dominate as a professional handyman.

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