The number of cybersecurity threats, hackers and malicious actors is increasing by the day. And the harsh reality is that many businesses lack the internal information technology (IT) staff and resources to erect a comprehensive defense. Moreover, most organizations increasingly depend on third-parties like network and cloud service providers, adding further potential entry points for hackers.

That’s why today, outsourcing IT security is a critical part of most organizations’ information security policy.

An effective cybersecurity approach requires both in-house and external measures. Our webinar is designed to educate you on the differences and help you determine how to integrate outsourced cybersecurity with your internal staff and operations.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

• Key value-adds and ROI when outsourcing IT security
• Different outsourcing models and partnerships to consider
• Personnel and human resources benefit from outsourcing
• Shared tools to implement between internal and outsourced
• Best practices for integrating outsourced IT cybersecurity

The webinar is conducted by Brandon Reed, RSI Security’s Director of Technical Services.

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