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Affiliated’s IT Support Center is your one source for IT Solutions. We understand the smallest IT problem can greatly affect your business and our IT team will assist you and work with you to determine and resolve your IT problem. We will get a vendor or one of our engineers involved to quickly and efficiently resolve your IT problem and get you back to being productive. If additional resources are needed, we will keep you up to date with our Status Reports. We will stay on the issue until it is resolved to your satisfaction. When the issue is resolved we will send you a final email with a results status.

We also have remote management and monitoring tools that automatically generate tickets when there is a down situation and in those cases we also proactively send out status reports during the troubleshooting process until the issue is resolved.

We have a large number of technicians with a large number of skill sets and many years of experience in the industry allowing us to support nearly any business application, in any environment, at any time.

We provide services, solutions, and technology support for organizations that are growing mid-market companies. We take our experience and expound it to help you grow and achieve your business goals.

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