If you listen to our show, you’ve probably heard us talk about the “curse of the great MSP”: the more you automate, the more you do remotely, and the less things tend to break, the more likely it is that your value gets called into question and you get shown the door.

What are some things you can do to avoid this curse? In this episode, hosts Brian, Tim, and Robb share some practical steps you can take to break the curse and provide even greater value to your clients, solidifying yourself as an integral part of their business.

2:05 – Robb starts us off by getting to how this issue started, why today’s MSPs have less interaction with their clients, and the impact that has on customer relationships. Tim reminds listeners that if you’re good at what you do, it’s simply a fact that you’ll have less face time with your customers.

6:00 – Brian, Tim, and Robb begin laying out excellent suggestions on how to increase face time with your clients in order to stay top of mind and in their good favor. Brian shares the importance of non-sales and non-issue related conversations and gives tips on how to conduct those points of contact. He also gives an example from one of his clients of an excellent annual event idea that drives community within a customer base.

11:06 – Robb brings up a very common mistake that MSPs make when an organization moves from being a prospect to a client and highlights ways to avoid falling into that trap. Tim points out that the industry as a whole is more mature, and just covering the basics isn’t enough anymore.

15:07 – The hosts move into quarterly business reviews and how to approach them. Brian shares advice on how to frame your QBRs in order to make yourself and your team even more valuable to your clients.

20:44 – Brian adds one more point to the conversation: the importance of determining satisfaction at the executive or decision-maker level, not just the end user or ticket level. He gives some examples on how to execute this idea.

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