In this Nextiva VoIP Review we break down the pros and cons of this tool for your business. See links for more details
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Grasshopper (paid link) ️
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Table of Contents:
0:00 Nextiva Intro
0:38 History
1:11 Features
1:45 Call Pop
1:58 CRM
2:11 Reviews
2:21 Cospace
2:44 Customer Service
3:10 Complaints
3:35 Pricing
3:50 Alternatives

Other Details on Nextiva:

Cospace – Quickly hold conference calls and/or video calls with your team and it is HIPPA compliant if you have health records you’re worried about.

Call Pop – This will quickly show data on the caller including their last interaction and if it was positive or negative. Also you’ll see their experience score which is based on their past calls. You’ll also see a star rating based on survey response and the value of the account down to the dollar.

Nextiva (paid link) ️
Grasshopper (paid link) ️
RingCentral (paid link) ️

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