Should you start your home care agency with a franchise, a consultant, or Do-it-Yourself (DIY)? For this answer and more, visit

This short video talks through the pros and cons of starting a home care agency as a franchise, by working with a consultant, or by going it completely on your own. The great news is that agencies have been wildly successful with all three approaches. The decision is up to you!

In a nutshell, a franchise will get you a quick start and an established brand but the fees are high and ongoing. A consultant can get you strong policies and procedures and give you good training to avoid common mistakes. You will pay one-time consulting fees. Doing it yourself is a possibility too, but you will make mistakes along the way that can potentially be avoided by getting help.

Here are some resources recommended for you:

– Ankota Cares: Simple affordable home care software. Free trial and from $59/month:

– The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Home Care Agency:

Good luck making your decision and let us know how we can help!