The events of the last year have highlighted the need to rethink the way we provide value to our customers – through automation, self-service, and more agile processes and collaboration across the enterprise. How can we put the right service management practices, tooling strategy and governance in place to achieve the user experience that we need?

This online Service Management Forum examines the key elements of service transformation that are reshaping the way we support the business. Join industry visionaries Barclay Rae, Ian Aitchison, Patrick Bolger and Akshay Anand for a new take on the next steps in ESM. The event will include breakout sessions for attendees to share their own experiences in this area.

Is it time for Experience-centric Service Management?
Ian Aitchison, Service Innovation Champion and Product Leader

Automation, machine-learning, and new ITSM priorities are changing Service Management experiences for everyone. The service desk, self-service and many parts of mature IT service management practices are widely accepted components of an effective IT transformation strategy. However, recently some seismic forces have been reshaping both expectations and possibilities. In this session, Ian Aitchison describes how these rapid changes in new technology, in best practices, and in the world around us are leading us all towards a very different Service Management future. Key issues address include how automation, machine-learning and artificial intelligence are coming together to enhance productivity across the business; how the priorities, mindset and methodologies in ITSM are changing to support these technology shifts; and what we can be doing today to embrace and benefit from these incoming dramatic changes across IT.