Founded in Brisbane in 2014, Valenta today has grown rapidly into a global company with offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Auckland, and many more! Our multiple delivery centres are spread across India, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago, enabling 24/7 operational capabilities, helping our clients effectively overcome staffing and resource challenges to meet their ambitious growth objectives.

With our solutions, we have enabled hundreds of businesses across the globe to streamline operations. We ensure that we have the best resources to help relieve bottlenecks, improve expertise and deliver cost-effective and efficient outcomes.

As a Valenta Franchise Partner, you have the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working on your own terms, whilst leveraging a global brand, accessing training and support that is world-class and tapping into an international network. Our unique franchise model has our Franchise Partners focusing exclusively on growing their franchise while Valenta takes care of all operations.