An exclusive review of TBR’s Management Consulting Benchmark

Dec. 18, 2019

Kelly Lesiczka, Analyst
Elitsa Bakalova, Senior Analyst
Patrick M. Heffernan, Principal Analyst

As a diverse set of IT services vendors take consulting-led approaches to capturing new logos and delivering digital transformations, the established strategy consultancies have invested in emerging technology capabilities and diverse talent. In a world in which every services vendor is also a consultancy, these old-school firms continue to reinvent their business models to keep their prices high and revenues per employee higher.

Join Kelly Lesiczka, Elitsa Bakalova and Patrick Heffernan as they dig into key findings from TBR’s latest Management Consulting Benchmark.

Don’t miss:
-How business model shifts will impact consultancies in different ways
-Where the talent will come from for an emerging tech-enabled traditional consultancy
-What performance metrics and trends from the last few years, particularly around technology consulting, forecast about the next few years


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