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Uniquebrew Cafe :- Comforting, Unique, charming freshly-made food go together with aromatic coffees and beverages at every “UniqueBrew Café” to create a new concept that will renew the whole idea that the people and the industry have about making food and enjoying coffee.

Unique Brew Café is a brand that holds pride in the processes and systems that make us what we are and our simple yet effective business models keep the most important thing in mind, to replicate the success story of UniqueBrew Café across the country with associates who are willing to take the share in the development of the business along with their involvement and efforts in the running of the network of UniqueBrew Café Franchise System across the country.

Brand Strengths :-

(A)-Gourmet Coffees

1. More than 30 different varieties of Specialty Coffees carefully curated

2. Differing flavors, brew strengths, and different regions

3. Specialized coffee inventories

4. Sourced in Required Sizes

5. Custom Grind types and variety (First in Chain Based Café models)

(B)-Beverages and Desserts

1. Largest Variety in Beverages and Desserts

2. Carefully curated and priced mixology based drinks.

3. Correct pricing with reliable partners like Monin, Da Vinci etc.

4. Steady and Reliable systems

5. Highly predictable and high margins

(C)- Fresh and Local Food

1. Highest Variety in Food Products

2. Locally sourced

3. Tested Systems for maintaining Recipes and tastes without dependence on staff

4. Complete handholding and support from HQ for designing new products and recipes.

5. Feedback based customization options

Why to take a franchise of UniqueBrew?

(A) A robust business model with a high commercial viability – capitalizing on the shift toward affordable luxury, and lifestyle spending

(B) A young and vibrant Indian company, with the vision, and passion for food in all its forms and a pace of growth towards a wide and untapped market

(C) A well recognized business format that has a strong and wide consumer appeal

(D) High quality, attractive product lines and a unique café cum dining experience

(E) A solid operations model and secure position as one of India’s leading café & food concepts

(F) Highly tuned, tried and tested systems (removing the scope for speculation in the business for franchise partners)

(G) A culture of shared success and respect; putting our franchise partners first by believing in their success first

(H) A professional, reputable and experienced management and operations team

(I) A business model that is absolutely royalty FREE* (Unconditionally)

Business Strengths:- Support & Brand Franchise Advantages

(A)-Royalty Free

1. Royalty Free Model for lifetime

2. Flexible Renewal Options

3. Territory Protection for UF

4. Master Franchise / Territory Rights / Area Developer Rights available

5. First Priority to Existing Franchisees for taking the next step

(B)-Continued HQ Support

1. Highest Standard in supply systems

2. Carefully selected vendors for supplies and purchases

3. Transparent Pricing and Billing

4. Steady and Reliable Purchase systems

5. Continuous feedback and monitoring via IT based systems and support

(C) Constant R & D

1. Excellent Research and Review of patrons

2. Local PR and Influencer support

3. Analysis of local food and beverage consumption

4. Adapting recipes that appeal to customer taste and preferences without increase in costs of adding products

Brand is Offering Franchise Network Across India.

Let’s Join Hands With Most Profitable Leading Cafe Brand “UNIQUEBREW ” and Earn More Profit.

Team – “UNIQUEBREW Franchise Apply