Video advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Our professional business videos promote your company with your testimonials. For more info visit .

Local businesses have a lot of competition so it’s important to distinguish yours from your competitors. How? Well, online reviews are critical for business since more than 70% of searchers for a product or service will look for a review or testimonial online before making a purchase. Over 80% trust online reviews AS MUCH AS a personal recommendation.

Text-based reviews have their place, but video converts up to 400% more than text. Imagine having a professional video with one of your actual customer’s testimonials show up on Google when someone searches for your company online. What do you you think people will click first? A text-based search result or your own video with a big, beautiful thumbnail image? That’s right, people will click on the video first!

Hiring a video production company and a professional actor or spokesperson could cost you hundreds or several thousand dollars. Not to mention the cost of script writing, editing and post-production.

Videos for small businesses used to be way to expensive, but with our Local Review Videos, you can choose from a variety of professionally produced videos with professional spokespeople to promote your business. The testimonials are those you supply from your own customers.

Having a professional testimonial video will greatly improve your company image online. Frankly, having a nice-looking video is impressive to potential customers because it says you take pride in your business. There’s a certain mystique about companies that can afford professional video advertising. But your customers don’t need to know how little your actually spent on these local review videos.

How does it work? Simply find the appropriate niche video on this YouTube channel. Go to and fill out the local review video purchase form (supply the testimonial and business info). We’ll apply your business information to the video and send it to you to use any way you wish. Of course we can provide additional search engine/video optimization services if you need them, but the video is yours forever.

Videos are vital because:

They make your business appear even more successful and professional than those who don’t use video.

Testimonial videos increase trust in your company (72% of searchers read a testimonial or review before making a purchase).

When used on a landing page, videos boost conversions (sales) by over 70% (compared to plain text on a page)

Videos can be ranked on Google just like your website. They can be one more “property” that appears on the search results page and can help you dominate the first page of Google.

Videos convert up to 400% higher than plain text search results.

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