It’s common knowledge that in business, lower overhead often results in stronger profit margins and a higher bottom line. Here’s a must-see work from home franchise opportunity with almost no overhead costs!

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Today I welcome my longtime friend Kurt Landwehr to the show. Kurt has built some of the biggest brands in America today in franchising, and he’s here to talk about a brand that’s absolutely blowing up: Renovation Sells.

Kurt explains the Renovation Sells concept:

“Renovation Sells is a very unique and new, innovative concept that I’m very excited about. So in a nutshell, what we do at Renovation Sells is we plan and design affordable high-impact cosmetic renovations to get homes Instagram ready for sale. And what that really means is, is that we work with homeowners and their professional realtors to make the necessary cosmetic updates to a home before it gets listed for sale, which results in a faster sale at higher prices.”

Do you have to be a real estate agent to own and operate a Renovation Sells franchise?

“Not at all. We’re not looking for people who have expertise, especially in the design side, because what’s interesting is that we do all of the design work for our franchisees. So these amazing transformations that we’re able to complete in homes, our certified professional designers do all that work for our franchisees so they don’t have to. Often, they have some sort of connective tissue into the real estate industry. They might be a realtor. Their spouse might be a realtor. They may know a lot of realtors. They may own investment properties. They may flip homes. They may own VRBO properties. So they have some sort of connective tissue into the real estate industry. And those people that do, they really get it because they see this growing trend in the real estate industry, they have a front row seat to it.”

How much does the service cost, and how does a customer afford it?

“We work with homeowners, establish a budget, work with their real estate agent to identify areas of high impact. What rooms in the home can we update that will result in the greatest return on investment? And to your point earlier is the heart of the home tends to be the kitchen and the master bathroom. That’s where buyers focus their attention. So we work with homeowners to update those spaces and these updates in today’s market, we are seeing a 2X and 3X return on invested dollars. If a homeowner were to invest $50,000 to make the necessary updates, that $50,000 should yield $100,000 to $150,000 in the form of a higher sales price.

“We have partnered with third-party finance companies who will lend homeowners up to $55,000 in a short-term interest-deferred or low-interest loan that allows them to access capital to have this work done. And then the loan gets paid back at the time of closing with the proceeds of the sale. And what it effectively does is it should eliminate any objection as to why a homeowner may or may not want to have this work done. It’s all upside. There is no downside!”

Kurt explains the low overhead of a Renovation Sells franchise:

“It’s a home-based business, there’s no equipment to buy, and there’s no employees because what we do instead of hire employees, we partner with subcontractors who actually do the work inside the homes. So this is a very inexpensive business to get started. In fact, everything that somebody needs to start the business, they already have. Home office environment, iPhone 11 or newer, and a reliable automobile. That’s it! You have those three things, you’re in business.”


Does this opportunity excite you? I’d love to share more about Renovation Sells and work with you one on one to determine if this brand could be a great fit for you. My franchise consulting services are free to you, so please email me right now to start the conversation!

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