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We’re back with yet another review of the newest Dragons: The Nine Realms season. This time, we look into what happened in season 3, and why it’s so absolutely nonsensical. Don’t forget to participate in the ‘Shirtless Hiccup’ competition on Twitter! Deadline: Nov 17th 2022.

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Intro: 0:00-1:45
Stuff I liked: 1:45-4:40
Fire Escape: 4:40-21:01
Ride or Die: 21:01-26:05
MAJOR ‘The Fire Tides’ Update: 26:05-30:05
Ride or Die: 30:05-34:00
Empty Fireworm Nest: 34:00-40:22
Dr. Catastrophe: 40:22-44:56
It Flies in the Family: 44:56-52:19
Magma Comes to the Surface: 52:19-1:01:25
The Sky Torcher: 1:01:25-1:13:18
Conclusion: 1:13:18-1:16:24
Replying to your comments: 1:16:24-1:18:36
Outro/Credits: 1:18:36-1:20:00